RedIye Solutions is a young and vibrant organization based out of Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. RedIye's primary focus is on design, development and implementation of enterprise software solutions in the areas of Enterprise Business Analytics, Workflow Solutions, Process Automation, Financial Modeling; ERP solutions for SMEs in Healthcare and Education. RedIye's strength lies in the development of custom-built end to end solutions that envelope all aspects of the enterprise workflow and process. Typical implementations involve high end process consulting as part of the solution design.

With several man-years of experience in handling complex projects, team RedIye is passionate about providing their customers' true value for their money and time.

RedIye's strategic direction is to house the development efforts in India with Sales and Marketing functions based across the globe. This helps in extending the advantage of a pool of high value software technical skills to the esteemed clientele globally ensuring a better return on their investments.

With in a short span, RedIye has emerged as preferred vendors for global technology majors who set very high standards for vendors.


RedIye's core strengths are:

     Execution of challenging projects on time, every time.

     Superior Project Methodology balanced with clients' needs.

     Clarity in understanding of the clients' business.

     Superior bug free delivery.

     Passionate towards clients' needs.

     Solutions and services that are truly world class.

     True Partnership relationship

     Problem solving- can do attitude; Dependability

     Flexibility- Adaptability- Initiative

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Why RedIye

We thoroughly understand your business needs and develop solutions using the latest technologies and platforms. Our solutions fit in your organizations' growth plans and help you achieve your goals and targets. RedIye helps you in deciding what is best given your constraints on cost, scope and schedules. Our solutions help you stay ahead – be it with respect to your competition or quality of internal service delivery. All our existing clients stand testimony to our passionate efforts to meet their business goals.

By choosing RedIye, clients immediately realize the following benefits:

 Fast off the block

RedIye's robust practices such as code reusability, guarantee, and round the clock service and incredible response times.

 Delivering high quality

A lot more can be achieved within IT budgets as a result of RedIye's optimized software development model. This is made possible through our well trained development center in India housing highly qualified software professionals.

 Fitting like a glove

RedIye ensures that the solution perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision, thereby ensuring that you receive solutions that fit your expectations.

 Delivering value through processes

A management team with a vision to be a CMM certified company in the near future, RedIye's systems and processes are based on it's experiences and continuously evolving with every engagement. The man years spent so far on 50 projects have brought a level of maturity that is already comparable to the best.

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RedIye's Process

With the rapid growth of integrated services, the requirements of projects have become increasingly complex and interdependent. During the past decade, the business landscape has undergone a fundamental transformation. Product cycles have condensed, data sharing between departments has become critical and dependence on paper forms has slowed basic business processes to a relative crawl. Speed and adaptability have become essential ingredients for survival.

A disciplined approach is critical to successfully create business solutions on time, in scope, and within budget. A project's success depends as much on business objective alignment, project management, designing and development processes as on writing quality code. Merely choosing a technology is insufficient: True business success is achieved by maximizing the effectiveness of the technologies selected.

Innovating constantly to choose the best approach to complex problems and the best development methodologies, team RedIye strives to deliver the best solution at any time. The maturity in development leads to practical decisions that are independent of commercial considerations and totally focused on delivering the right solution.

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   Our Customers
Many of the world's top 10 hardware and software companies are already clients of RedIye.